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URC Champions (1948-2022)


URC TRACKS (1948-2022)

URC Presidents (1948-2023)

National Sprint Car Hall of Fame inductee, six time URC champion Earl Halaquist celebrates winning the first annual Don Gillette Memorial at Fonda, NY in 1967.

1948 & 1949 URC champion Bob Cooney in 1949 at Williams Grove Speedway.

Mike Magill was the URC winner at The Delmar Delaware Speedway on September 3, 1950

Dick Cosgrove was the URC's first Rookie of the Year in 1951

1955 URC champion Lou Johnson

Mario Andretti running with the URC at Bloomsburg, PA in 1961.

The 1963 URC Champion Jim Maguire

The 1965 URC Champion Larry Dickson at Bedford, PA on August 7, 1965

1975 & 1976 URC Champion Gary Gollub in 1975. Gary has 20 career URC wins.

URC racer Fran Hogue in 1981. Fran has 8 career URC wins

Charlie Massey at Bridgeport, NJ in 1982. Charlie has 5 career URC wins.

National Sprint Car Hall of Fame inductee and 1983 URC Champion Don Kreitz Jr. was the Flemington, NJ winner in 1984

National Sprint Car Hall of Fame inductee Kramer Williamson at Bridgeport Speedway, NJ in 1984

Buck Buckley at Delmar, DE in 1984. Buck has 60 career URC wins.

Todd Rittenhouse and Paul Molz battle at Lincoln Speedway

1981,82,84,85 & 86 URC Champion Dave Kelly

Kenny Adams at Grandview Speedway, PA in 1986.

Don Kerr owned team mates Glenn Fitzcharles and Wayne Rice in 1988

Billy Pauch in the Fiore #8 at Flemington, NJ

National Sprint Car Hall of Fame inductee Glenn Fitzcharles

Midge Miller #5 and Tom Wanner duel at Delmar, DE

1993 URC Champion Dave McGough was the Grandview Speedway, PA winner in 1993

Mares Stellfox was the URC's first female feature winner on August 7, 1993 at the Delaware Int. Speedway. Mares is shown here with Pee-Wee. Mares has 3 career URC wins.

1991,92 & 93 URC Champion Kramer Williamson #84 and 1994 URC Champion Greg Coverdale #28 battle at Grandview Speedway, PA in 1994

Ms URC Jennifer Weaver-Michael with four URC Champions. Glenn Fitzcharles 1996, Kramer Williamson 1995, Greg Coverdale 1994 and Dave McGough 1993. Looks like she still needs Dave's autograph!

Rick Koenig was a wingless winner at Grandview Speedway, PA in 1996

Sean Michael was the URC 50th Anniversary Champion in 1997.

1998 was the year that Curt Michael won the first of his 9 URC Championships while driving for Mike Bostic

Sean Michael won his second URC Championship in 1999, giving car owner Kathy Palladino her first of her URC leading 6 car owner Championships.

Jon Eldreth at Delaware Int. in 1999

2000 URC Champion Brian Seidel driving the Barry Hamm #19 in victory lane at Grandview Speedway in 2000. Brian has 22 career URC wins.

2001 URC Champion Mike Haggenbottom gave Mike Bostic his second URC owner Championship. Mike has 8 career URC wins.

2002 URC Champion Bill Brian Jr. Bill has 10 career URC wins.

Kevin Welsh was a 2002 Grandview Speedway feature winner, Kevin has 13 career URC feature wins.

Dave Ely was the 2003 URC Champion driving for Gene Franckowiak. Dave has 14 career URC wins

Curt Michael and Frank Davis were URC Champions in 2004

Tim Houge won his first URC feature on May 28, 2004 at Penn Can Speedway, PA

Brian Seidel and Ed Aikin racing at New Egypt Speedway NJ in 2005

Driving the Kathy Palladino #99, Curt Michael won the 2005, 2006 & 2007 URC Championships

Jason Clauss with his mom Sharon in victory lane at Delaware Int. on July 9, 2005.

Ed Aikin wins at Fonda Speedway, NY on May 28, 2005. Ed has 9 career URC wins.

Scott Pursell was the Lincoln Speedway winner June 17, 2006

Chris Coyle won the URC season opener at Bridgeport Speedway on April 15, 2007

2003 URC Rookie of the Year Josh Weller won his first career URC feature win at Grandview Speedway, PA on June 16, 2007

Shown here in 2008, Becca Anderson is the URC's leading female feature winner with 10 career feature victories.

3 time URC Champion Kramer Williamson at Delaware Int. Speedway

It was found out after the fact that David Gravel fibbed about his age in 2008 to become the URC's youngest feature winner.

Curt Michael won the 2008 URC Championship driving for Bill Gallagher

Becca Anderson and Robbie Stillwaggon battle in 2009 at Grandview Speedway

Davey Sammons in 2009. Davey has 3 career URC victories.

2009 & 2013 URC Champion JJ Grasso in victory lane at Grandview Speedway in 2010

Trevor Lewis has 19 career URC feature wins

2004 URC Rookie of the Year Kyle Purks at Grandview Speedway in 2009

Jonathan Swanson grabbed his first career URC feature win at Big Diamond in 2010

Josh Weller in Victory Lane at Georgetown Speedway DE in 2010

Curt Michael and Bill Gallagher won the 2010 & 2011 URC Championships

Robbie Stillwaggon was the 2012 URC Champion. Robbie is shown here after winning the 2013 URC season opener at Big Diamond Speedway.

2 time URC Champion JJ Grasso with Sharon and Felecia Williamson after winning a Memorial race for Kramer. Kramer passed away from injuries after a crash at Lincoln Speedway in 2013.

Josh Weller and daughter Aubrey in victory lane at Delaware Int. Speedway with car owner Kenny Eldreth in 2014

2014 & 2016 URC Champion Davie Franek in Victory lane at New Egypt Speedway NJ in 2014

2011 URC Rookie of the Year Troy Betts #22 battles with Randy West at New Egypt Speedway NJ in 2014

Robbie Stillwaggon in victory lane at Bedford Speedway PA, Robbie has 9 career URC wins.

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