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A KRAMER WORTHY DRIVE: Mark Smith Drives From 14th to win Kramer Cup for 6th time and 2nd URC Feature of 2022

A KRAMER WORTHY DRIVE: Mark Smith Drives From 14th to win Kramer Cup for 6th time and 2nd URC Feature of 2022

Just another Saturday night drive for Tower City, PA'sA L Mark Smith. From the 14th starting position to win his 6th Kramer Cup at the Selinsgrove Speedway and his 2nd in the last 3 years. on Saturday night at the Snyder County oval. All the wild picking up his 2nd United Racing Club victory of the season ( Bloomsburg April 14th). “I needed that one after giving 5 grand up last night to them (USAC East Coast) guys last night at the (Williams) Grove.” Smith said in victory lane. “Tonight we took their money.”

Smith charged starting 14th after putting on a used tire for the heat race. He saved his good stuff for the feature and he did, Early leader Mike Thompson of Newtown, PA drove away in clean air until before the midway point when Dover, DE Andy Best would mount a charge and get around Thompson for the lead. By this point of the non stop feature, Smith would already crack the top 5 and mount a charge on Best. Smith would high side hustle around Best to take the lead for good on Lap 17 of the 25 lap affair.

The only yellow came after Smith took the white flag when Jesse Pruchnik would spin in turn 3 and 4 bringing out the yellow. Making it a one lap dash to the finish with Smith leading Best, Derek Locke, and Jason Shultz to the green and white flag. Locke and Shultz would split Best as his right rear tire went down. Smith at this point checked out on the field and would go on to win the Kramer Cup over Locke, Shultz, Best and Jake Karklin from 15th, rounded out the top 5.

“Kramer is why I build my own cars.” Smith said “ I hung out in their shop when I was little and my dad would take me there and I just became fascinated with this stuff.” When Smith was asked what winning this race for a 6th time ment.

The United Racing Club is back in action this Friday night, June 10th at the Delaware International Speedway in Delmar,De to attempt to race at Delmar for the first time since 2018 without mother nature being a hindrance.

Results for 6/4/2022 at Selinsgrove Speedway - Selinsgrove, PA
360 Sprints 27 Entries
A Feature 1 30 Laps

  1. M1-Mark Smith[14]; 2. 77-Derek Locke[6]; 3. 35-Jason Shultz[7]; 4. 7X-Andy Best[3]; 5. 5K-Jake Karklin[15]; 6. 63-Josh Weller[4]; 7. 55-Dallas Schott[8]; 8. 11T-Mike Thompson[1]; 9. 4-Ken Meisner[2]; 10. 91-Anthony Fiore[5]; 11. 47-Adam Carberry[12]; 12. 22-Troy Betts[9]; 13. 66-Doug Hammaker[17]; 14. 10-Joe Kata[18]; 15. 11H-Hayden Miller[10]; 16. 70D-Frankie Herr[16]; 17. 11-Ryan Stillwaggon[11]; 18. 27C-Craig Pellegrini Jr[13]; 19. 669-Brandon McGough[20]; 20. 51-Mike Haggenbottom[21]; 21. 23T-John Stehman[22]; 22. 7J-Andrew Jacobus[23]; 23. 42-Jesse Pruchnik[19]; 24. 53-Bob Lilick[26]; 25. 2-Aaron Jacobus[24]; 26. (DNF) 17-Jason Wagner[27]; 27. (DNF) 19-Colby Womer[25]

Heat 1 8 Laps

  1. 77-Derek Locke[2]; 2. 7X-Andy Best[5]; 3. 91-Anthony Fiore[1]; 4. 11H-Hayden Miller[4]; 5. 27C-Craig Pellegrini Jr[8]; 6. 70D-Frankie Herr[9]; 7. 42-Jesse Pruchnik[6]; 8. 23T-John Stehman[7]; 9. (DNS) 19-Colby Womer

Heat 2 8 Laps

  1. 63-Josh Weller[1]; 2. 4-Ken Meisner[2]; 3. 22-Troy Betts[5]; 4. 11-Ryan Stillwaggon[6]; 5. M1-Mark Smith[3]; 6. 66-Doug Hammaker[9]; 7. 669-Brandon McGough[7]; 8. 7J-Andrew Jacobus[8]; 9. 53-Bob Lilick[4]

Heat 3 8 Laps

  1. 35-Jason Shultz[4]; 2. 11T-Mike Thompson[1]; 3. 55-Dallas Schott[2]; 4. 47-Adam Carberry[8]; 5. 5K-Jake Karklin[6]; 6. 10-Joe Kata[7]; 7. 51-Mike Haggenbottom[3]; 8. 2-Aaron Jacobus[5]; 9. (DNF) 17-Jason Wagner[9]
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