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JOSH WELLER CROWNED 2 TIME UNITED RACING CLUB CHAMPION; Season comes to unexpected end after Selinsgrove and Bridgeport pull plug on final 2 URC Shows

JOSH WELLER CROWNED 2 TIME UNITED RACING CLUB CHAMPION; Season comes to unexpected end after Selinsgrove and Bridgeport pull plug on final 2 URC Shows

By: Bert Wojcik
Photo: Jesse Carberry
The 2023 URC season has unfortunately come to an end earlier than expected. While us with the United Racing Club are extremely disappointed that both Selinsgrove and Bridgeport have decided to take us off the schedule for the remaining races. We still celebrate a fantastic transitional season with new leadership under Dave McGough. A familiar face ended the season on top in every aspect. Now two time United Racing Club Champion, Mertztown’s Josh Weller.
“No one wants to be known as the 10 race champion. Weller Said.” If I could build my dream, we would have a 30 race season, with a full field every night. We race URC because it's a great balance between racing and family. The kids are getting older and more involved in their interests, and this just works for us. Sportsball isn't my first love, but the kids are, so we make this all work.
While a 10 race schedule isn’t ideal. Weller made the most of it. Three wins, Big Diamond, Port Royal and Selinsgrove, to bring his total to 24 career URC wins to put him 16th all time on the URC wins list. 6 top 5’s and 7 top 10’s and only 2 races outside of the top ten showed the speed Weller had all year.
“We had great speed all year.” Weller commented. “That came from a lot of work in the shop, making sure we had our ducks in a row from the get go. We unloaded every night with a goal of being in the redraw and a top 5 feature finish. Our guys did their job at the track and I had to make sure I did my job in the car for my guys, sponsors and fans.
Weller also added on the young competition behind him such as 2nd place in Points Hayden Miller, Resse Nowotarski, Tyler Resser, and JT Ferry who all had impressive showings this year
“The club has some good young guys coming into their own. I would love to see them stick with URC for a while and see what they can do. We had some guys come in full time this year and were fast from the start. They have more experience to gain in the car and build their notebook. I am an old guy, but I enjoy racing with our younger racers and guys who have been around for a bit. We have a great base of drivers, just wish we could get our shows out in front of more people.I wish more people would give 360 racing a chance. It is going to take a shift in mindset that 360 is not less than 410. Everyone jumps to 410s because there are simply more opportunities, and I get that, I really do. But until there is momentum of drivers staying with us, it's hard to form a strong schedule. It's the whole chicken and egg thing.”
When asked about 2024 Weller is looking to keep it the same with hope of a longer URC season.
“We're going to do more of the same. Hopefully, a few more URC races hit the schedule. I hear rumblings of getting back to some tracks I would love to get to again. As I get older, more veteran if you will, I relate more and more to the story of the old bull and the young bull. Stop by sometime, and I'll share the story.”
While it may have been a shortened season. Some due to mother nature others due to race tracks. Weller knows what this means to him and the entire 63 crew.
“We celebrate this because the history of URC is important. I've been with the series for 25 years. It's been a giant part of my life, and my name is in the record book with some legendary drivers. I don't take that lightly, and I'm proud of it.”

The United Racing Club would like to thank Brad Nowotarski of Specialty Rigging, Dave Ely of DMI and Bob Lillick of BRB Contractors for their sponsorship this past year and their support as well as competing with URC with their teams. We would also like to thank all of the drivers and crews for coming out each week with us. From Bedford to Orange County to Grandview. It’s not an easy thing being a traveling sprint car series and the grind is relentless. But your passion and dedication is shown every night at a URC event.
FInally thank you to all the tracks and their fans for supporting URC in 2023.None of this would be possible without all of you. From everyone with the United Racing Club. THANK YOU!
Be on the lookout for more news and details about the 2024 season in the coming weeks and months!

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