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Jason Shultz Becomes Fourth Driver to Win the Kramer Kup

Jason Shultz Becomes Fourth Driver to Win the Kramer Kup
Jason Shultz Becomes Fourth Driver to Win the Kramer Kup
Jason Shultz Becomes Fourth Driver to Win the Kramer Kup
Jason Shultz Becomes Fourth Driver to Win the Kramer Kup

SELINSGROVE, PA – Kramer Williamson was a racing legend in central PA, who tragically lost his life during a URC event in 2013 at Lincoln Speedway. Since his death, the United Racing Club has held a race in his honor at Selinsgrove Speedway. On Saturday, June 5, Jason Shultz became only the 4th driver to win a Kramer Kup and take home the iconic pink trophy. Shultz joins Mark Smith (5 Kramer Kup victories), Robbie Stillwaggon (1 Kramer Kup victory), and Ryan Smith (1 Kramer Kup victory) in the history books as Kramer Kuo winners.

Twenty-two cars signed in to compete at Selinsgrove Speedway on a hot, sunny day in central PA. When the cars took to the track for hot-laps, Adam Carberry set quick time with a lap of 17.847 seconds around the ½ mile oval. Carberry and Todd Gracey were the only two cars to break into the 17 second bracket during their hot lap sessions. Carberry’s time would remain the fastest lap for the day. Jason Shultz, Colby Womer, and Mark Smith were credited with heat race wins.

After the redraw, Troy Betts and Dallas Schott were set to lead the field to the green flag for the 25-lap feature. Before the main event would start, Kramer’s daughter, Felecia Williamson, piloted the beautiful pink 73 in memory of her father leading the URC 4-wide around the entirety of the speedway – a sight that left many with tears in their eyes. When the green flew, Betts shot out to the lead with Schott behind him, followed by Davie Franek, Ryan Stillwaggon and Andy Best third through fifth, respectfully. By lap 2, Franek made his way past Schott and was in hot pursuit of the leader, with 5 time Kramer Kup champion, Mark Smith already making his way into the top 5 from the 8th starting spot.

On lap 7, Franek overtook Betts for the lead and started trying to put distance between himself, Betts, and the quickly approaching Smith, now up to third. The laps led by Franek were short lived as Mark Smith took over the lead by lap 10 and the race looked to be over. However, on lap 13, Jason Shultz who seemingly came from nowhere after starting 7th would utilize a restart to get by not only Franek but would also pass Smith for the lead as well.

A late race caution would fly for Jesse Pruchnik setting up another restart, which seemingly would be Smith’s last chance at passing Shultz. Shultz, however, had different plans and was able to rocket away and into victory lane scoring not only his, but Ritter Racing’s first Kramer Kup victory.

“The track was in good shape, it was tacky slick, curvy, it had every bit of a track in different spots,” said Shultz, “I was kind of waiting for Mark to get back by me like ok come on let’s get this over with but he never did.” When talking about Kramer Williamson, Jason shared a story in victory lane about his dad and Kramer, “anytime you have a race named after you its pretty special…so winning that in honor of Kramer feels pretty good.” The Ritter Racing team is no stranger to victory lane this year – with 3 wins on the book and a pretty hefty point lead, the no. 35 team looks to be right on track to for their second URC Championship.

Shultz and Ritter Racing would like to thank Selinsgrove Ford, Horstcraft Millworks, Weis Markets, Weather Proof Roofing, Doak and Co. Racing, Allen A. Shaffer Insurance, Bud Godek Auto Body, Bodmer Family Footcare, Pine Hollow Forest Products, Lauver & Son Trucking, Emilys Country Farm Market, Hoovers Produce, Dealz on Wheels, Engler Machine and of course their family, friends, and fans for getting them to victory lane.

Next up for the United Racing Club will be a trip to Delaware International Speedway in Delmar, Delaware on Saturday, June 12. The last three URC shows in Delmar were rained out, however in early 2019, Ed Aikin was the driver to end up at the top of the podium. Come out to watch the stars and cars of the United Racing Club in action!

Photo Credit: Jesse Carberry

Contingency Awards:
KSE Hard Charger: Adam Carberry (+7)
Ultra Shield last redraw spot: Colby Womer
ISC Racers Tape: Josh Weller (4th)
Seals It: Ryan Taylor (6th)
Rod End Supply: Adam Carberry (8th)
Ultra Shield: Joe Kata (11th)
King Racing Products: Ryan Linder (15th)
DMI: Ryan Stillwaggon (last in feature)

Feature Laps Led by:
1-6: Troy Betts
7-9: Davie Franek
10-12: Mark Smith
13-25: Jason Shultz

RESULTS – JUNE 5, 2021

HEAT 1 (8 LAPS): 1. 35-Jason Shultz[1]; 2. 11-Ryan Stillwaggon[5]; 3. 77-Derek Locke[6]; 4. 63-Josh Weller[2]; 5. 66-Ryan Kissinger[3]; 6. 5Z-Dave Brown[4]; 7. 08-Bruce Garner[7]; 8. (DNS) 17-Jason Wagner

HEAT 2 (8 LAPS): 1. 19-Colby Womer[1]; 2. 55-Dallas Schott[4]; 3. 22-Troy Betts[5]; 4. 7X-Ryan Taylor[6]; 5. 11T-Mike Thompson[2]; 6. 3-Todd Gracey[7]; 7. 42-Jesse Pruchnik[3]

HEAT 3 (8 LAPS): 1. M1-Mark Smith[5]; 2. 34-Andy Best[1]; 3. 28F-Davie Franek[2]; 4. 10-Joe Kata[3]; 5. 47-Adam Carberry[6]; 6. 9-Ryan Linder[4]; 7. 669-Brandon McGough[7]

FEATURE (25 LAPS): 1. 35-Jason Shultz[7]; 2. M1-Mark Smith[8]; 3. 28F-Davie Franek[6]; 4. 63-Josh Weller[10]; 5. 55-Dallas Schott[2]; 6. 7X-Ryan Taylor[11]; 7. 77-Derek Locke[5]; 8. 47-Adam Carberry[15]; 9. 34-Andy Best[4]; 10. 22-Troy Betts[1]; 11. 10-Joe Kata[12]; 12. 3-Todd Gracey[17]; 13. 66-Ryan Kissinger[13]; 14. 5Z-Dave Brown[16]; 15. 9-Ryan Linder[18]; 16. 11T-Mike Thompson[14]; 17. 669-Brandon McGough[20]; 18. (DNF) 42-Jesse Pruchnik[19]; 19. (DNF) 11-Ryan Stillwaggon[3]; 20. (DNS) 19-Colby Womer; 21. (DNS) 08-Bruce Garner; 22. (DNS) 17-Jason Wagner

TOP 10 URC DRIVER POINTS (as of 6/5/21)

  1. Jason Shultz – 847
  2. Andy Best – 748 (-99)
  3. Dallas Schott – 718 (-129)
  4. Adam Carberry – 686 (-161)
  5. Josh Weller – 640 (-207)
  6. Ryan Stillwaggon – 626 (-221)
  7. Mike Thompson – 568 (-279)
  8. Derek Locke - 483 (-364)
  9. Ryan Kissinger – 451 (-396)
  10. Jesse Pruchnik – 432 (-415)

TOP 10 URC OWNER POINTS (as of 6/5/21)

  1. Ritter Racing – 847
  2. Mark VanVorst – 748 (-99)
  3. Dallas Schott – 718 (-129)
  4. Adam Carberry – 686 (-161)
  5. Robert Stillwaggon – 626 (-221)
  6. Lenox Thompson – 568 (-279)
  7. Josh Weller – 527 (-320)
  8. Derek Locke - 483 (-364)
  9. Ryan Kissinger – 451 (-396)
  10. Jesse Pruchnik – 432 (-415)
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